Our Internet marketing solutions are designed for those looking for maximum exposure, proven ROI, and extreme cost saving benefits that deliver long-term results.  Similar to traditional marketing methods, we provide a long term branding and positioning solution.

As our customer, we will help you define the reach of your campaign.  We define reach in four distinct categories:

  • Local
  • Regional
  • National
  • Global

Each category has different time deliverables, and as such, variable price points based on our services offerings.  Every client is unique, therefore we create a custom designed, unique proposal which maximizes efficiency for your business needs.

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Social Media

We get you “found”, and “followed”, so that you can “gain influence”!

The surprising thing about social media campaigns is that they don’t necessarily dictate consumer decisions the way “organic search” can.  People have limited attention spans and want immediate gratification.

FACT:  They won’t notice you if they can’t find you within a blink.

What this means to a business owner is either you “make yourself as visible as possible as quickly as possible”, or potentially disappear and become obsolete.

For social media and Internet marketing, we offer solutions based on two clearly defined goals:

  • The first goal, acquisition of customers through “Likes” and “Followers” to establish a user base.
  • The second goal, retention of customers through content and promotional activities to keep an active group of users focused on your business and focused on remembering your brand.
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