Legal Interpretations

This agreement is between Search Ranks LLC, A Nevada corporation, the “company”, and the “user” or   “subscriber” of services. The subscriber refers to a subscription of service or payment for services on account creation. “Account”, shall be considered all personal information entered on, or contained within our site. In addition to personal information, submission of and payments made by you, as well as agreement to terms and conditions establish “user” information.

Henceforth, the terms in this agreement shall mean the following: “Us”, “Our”, “We”, refers to the party covering this agreement which is Search Ranks LLC “You”, Your”, “I”, shall be referred to as the purchaser of this contract or “user”. All legal actions shall take place in a jurisdiction at the selection of Search Ranks LLC

Modification or Change to Agreement

The terms and conditions stated herein are subject to change or modification at any time or for any reason by Search Ranks LLC

Your Account

  1. Your account will be active upon receipt of payment.
  2. Payment is to be made through our payment processor; your credit card information is not stored or housed at any of our corporate locations. All billing is a monthly reoccurring charge to be billed per month. Billings will be submitted to us on your initial sign up date. You will be informed in writing upon notification of change. Your account will remain active as long as payment is rendered on the appropriate date.
  3. The account shall remain active so long as you maintain payment and abide by agreements herein regarding termination for cause.

Use of Service

  1. Us of our service is granted with the guidelines that an enrolling site be in accordance with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations. Failure to adhere to those guidelines will be grounds for immediate termination of service with no further notice or refund from our company.
  2. Search Ranks LLC Is not liable for the content on its customers’ sites. Accountability is limited to the user
  3. Search Ranks LLC Is not accountable for content on user sites.
  4. Search Ranks LLC does maintain the same compliance as major search engines. We will not accept sites including, but not limited to; sites containing online gambling, certain medications, as well as others pertaining to search engine restrictions. We are not limited in scope; this may change from time to time depending on search engine restrictions and/or content modification.

Refund Policy

  1. Refunds are not offered after thirty (30) days of service. Our product has no guarantee and is not implied to guarantee growth of your business. If the account is closed by Search Ranks LLC For a reason related to account termination all fees are forfeited. All final decisions regarding refunds are made by management of Search Ranks LLC Refunds will not be made if optimization of your site has taken place, as results for optimization will vary widely from user to user.


  1. Search Ranks LLC is a web optimization oriented company. As such, optimization may require the downloading of your site in order complete our service. Acceptance of this agreement authorizes Search Ranks LLC To download your site as required. This may also involve and may include, but is not limited to; updating your page and its title, meta-tags, and other items needed to perform the services as described in our site. We are not liable for lack of use of our product due to FTP access issues, inability to access due to random acts, including but not limited to; Acts of God, or forces which are out of the control of Search Ranks LLC


All payment is made through our online payment processor. We do not hold any personal information regarding users at our location. All information is stored at the processor facility.

Account Termination

  1. Search Ranks LLC has the right to cancel any account at any time for any reason.
  2. User payment failure. We may cancel your account for failure to remit funds at the scheduled time. You will receive notification from our company prior to cancellation and have the opportunity to recharge or submit a new card for billing. Your account will first be suspended and if the account is not reconciled in a timely manner, as determined by management, a period no less than seventy-two (72) hours will be given to resolve the matter.

Privacy Policy

  1. Search Ranks LLC does not use your information for any reason other than performance of product. We do not sell or distribute customer information to any organization at any time. Your information is kept in strict confidence. At no time and for no reason will your information be distributed to others.
  2. If you click on a link to a third party site, including on an advertisement, you will leave the site you are visiting and go to the site you selected. Because we cannot control the activities of third parties, we cannot accept responsibility for any use of your personal information by such third parties, and we cannot guarantee that they will adhere to the same privacy and security practices as Search Ranks LLC We encourage you to review the privacy policies of any other service provider from whom you request services.


  1. Each party will defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the other party, and its respective affiliates, directors, employees, agents, successors and assigns from all claims, actions, losses, liability, damages, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses) (collectively “Claims”) arising from any breach of any of the representations and warranties set forth in Section 5, provided that the party seeking indemnification: (i) promptly notifies the indemnifying party in writing of any Claim and gives the other indemnifying party the opportunity to defend or negotiate a settlement of any such Claim at the indemnifying party’s expense, (ii) cooperates fully with the indemnifying party, at the indemnifying party’s expense, in the defense or settlement of such Claim and (iii) give the indemnifying party sole control over the defense of the Claim.

By accepting the terms and conditions of using our site you agree to all of the above stated terms and conditions, all of which can be modified in accordance with state and federal laws.


Your signature below will signify your acceptance of this proposal as it relates to the services which Search Ranks LLC has quoted and will provide as described.